ARCHTECH acts as a liaison between those who invest in a project and those who execute it, offering a comprehensive management service performed by specialized technicians, fully customer oriented…

Project Management

In our integral management service we offer the management and coordination of the entire construction process, weekly documentation with photographs and a monthly report with construction cost accounting, feasibility studies, weekly site visits, administrative procedures, construction evaluation Including detailed calculation of costs, bidding and contracting management, deadline control, comprehensive execution management, offering a “turnkey” model to our customers.

With the special “turnkey” service, we offer our clients the opportunity to simplify the construction process by gaining more control and reducing construction times.

We set up the houses as works of art, in such a way that we sculpture every detail to create a unique architectural experience.
José Ángel Suárez González-Mayo, ARCHTECH MALLORCA
Each plot represents an opportunity to excel, creating special projects.
Aramis Suárez Ferrer, ARCHTECH MALLORCA