ArchTech Mallorca S.L is an architecture firm founded and directed by José Ángel Suárez González-Mayo, a prestigious architect with over forty years of professional experience, and by Aramis Suárez Ferrer, engineer and main axix of the company. Their passion for art and their continuous reflections on the beauty within light, space and forms have encouraged the firm to establish itself as a cutting edge reference in creativity and avant garde architecture with a very unique and exclusive contemporary style.


Archtech Mallorca provides a full service, it is a “360 degree” company that gathers all: architecture, design, technical architecture, urban planning, engineering, construction, interior design and landscaping, allowing to control the entire process of a project, from the initial economic development up to its complete creation.

In addition, Archtech´s long career and professional experience has allowed itself to grow successfully in the field of real estate development.

José Ángel Suárez González-Mayo

“Every project is a new challenge where we propose architectural solutions to the demands of our clients. It is an innovative process in which we experiment with the most daring designs and for which we use the latest technologies and materials in the market.”


Specialized in exclusive luxury residential housing

It develops its work primarily in cities such as Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Miami and Dubai, where it has left evidence of their know-how with modern buildings that remain timeless compared to the forefront.