Our team of architects understands that the best design comes from a fully integrated approach, starting from the initial layout to completion. Doing so: preliminary studies, preliminary projects, basic projects, execution projects and work management among other things …

Technical Architecture

ARCHTECH offers all the professional services of technical architecture / builder, such as: Execution direction of the work, survey of current state, measurements and budgets, energy certificates, technical inspections of buildings (ITE), management of budgets and industrial, Licensing, etc … as well as offering health and safety services: Basic study and study of health and safety, coordination of health and safety, etc.

Our extensive experience in the world of technical architecture has allowed us to reach a level of quality and exceptional detail.

We set up the houses as works of art, in such a way that we sculpture every detail to create a unique architectural experience.
José Ángel Suárez González-Mayo, ARCHTECH MALLORCA
Each plot represents an opportunity to excel, creating special projects.
Aramis Suárez Ferrer, ARCHTECH MALLORCA